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It's a Journey. Here's your Roadmap

Want more direction into what happens after your new home is under contract? Your destination is just ahead! Keep reading as we map out your loan process from contract to closing.

Docs Needed

You will receive a "next steps" email with the list of required documentation we need to start the process. Please gather the requested docs and provide right away through our various options for delivery.

Initial Disclosures

Look out for your federally mandated initial disclosure package which you'll need to review and eSign. We will also begin the processing of your loan.

Appraisal Ordered

Once inspections are completed (and resolutions are agreed upon by you and the seller), we will order the appraisal through our certified appraisal panel. Typical turnaround time is roughly 10 business days.

Loan Review

Underwriting will review your loan and a senior loan manager, will be in touch to request any final documentation we might still need in order to obtain final loan approval for you.

Appraisal Received

Your Loan Coordinator will send a copy of your appraisal and appraisal receipt disclosure. This confirms you've received and reviewed your appraisal. Your file will also be sent to underwriting.

File Review

As we prepare to send your file to underwriting, we will review your loan and be in touch if there are any outstanding items that might still be needed in order to move forward.

Closing Disclosure

This is the most important federally required form that details your preliminary closing figures. Please review and eSign as soon as possible, as this doc must be completed 3 business day prior to closing.

Loan Approval

Do a happy dance! Your loan has received final approval by underwriting and has been submitted to closing. Closing docs will be sent to the title company where all closing figures are finalized.

Closing Time

We will send final details so you can obtain a cashiers check or wire for closing. We loved working with you and hope the feeling is mutual! Please watch for an email from Summit Funding with a link to leave us a review.

Did You Know?

Federal regulations require us to redisclose documents to you any time a change is made to your loan.

If changes are made to your loan file, you will receive an email with the redisclosed docs from Team@TreaseGroup.com

You are required to eSign your documents. Doing this promptly will help avoid delays to your scheduled closing date.